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Ok, I'm a spazz who forgot to introduce herself first

Please excuse... I shall backdate it so hopefully it at least might appear in the proper order before the question I asked.

I've been pagan all of my adult life: Asatru for about 12 years. Prior to that I was practicing solitary wicca for another 12 years, and worshipped the Lord and the Lady; which I now realize gave me a solid alignment with the Vanir. I am a dedicated gydhia of Freya.

I was stationed in Germany for six years with the USAF and during my travels and living there I picked up a lot of information and guidance, as well as a smattering of the language. I am rather violently non-racist. Some of the spirit guides I interacted with while in Germany were those of the WWII Jewish war dead, and they have become as much a part of that sacred ground as any other wights. There are times I am moved to speak for them, and I consider it a sacred duty from Freya to work against racism, especially if it is happening in my real-world community. This is hardly meant to diss the ancestors, but I feel strongly that the Gods call whom They call as they know our history far better than we do in many cases, and who are we to dare question Their judgement?

I am the proud descendant of warriors on both sides of my family, amusingly enough of the traditional enemies of the Germanic and Scandinavian tribes - Celts and Italians. I have Langobard/Lombard blood, and very likely some German or Scandinavian as well, since I'm fully aware that warfare hardly ever would have stopped the inter-breeding that often goes on even between enemies. I am a true descendant of both love and war. I got this red hair from somewhere, people. :)

I am very interested in the historical evolution of Freya as She is a very ancient and widely travelled Goddess. I am one of those who sees links to other lion/tiger/cat love/war goddesses such as Cybele and Durga, and I believe that traces of the origins of the Vanic tribe are visible in the study of the civilizations of the ancient Greeks/Hittites/Hindus, while the Aesir seem to perhaps be related to the Altai/Huns/Tocharians.

Likewise I believe that Asatru is a religion that is capable of peacefully coexisting with the concepts of evolution and science, unlike Christianity. A visit to the Corning Museum of Glass answered a lot of questions for me about the creation myth, for example.

Anyway, interested in hangin' out and learning what others have to share about the Vanir.
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