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I think I've met Wotan for real

I run a ghost tour in my local city and when I get to the local cathedral I usually run into a few wandering drunks, which aren't dangerous. Well on th e last tour My wife an I met a drunk that wanted to tell me a story about a ghost incident, now this is where it gets weird, he was blind in one eye had a beard and had nowhere to live and is known to wander around talking to people who will listen in riddles. He also sayes to people to listen to me because I am telling the truth and I know what I'm on about. At the same time as that a person with a beard wandered past with a Thor t-shirt on grining at me and seemed to pay respects to the one eyed man even though he wasn't a homeless man himself, plus with me doing the ghost tour on a regular basis this is the first time I'd seen the man with the Thor shirt on.

Now most of you will probably say this is a coincidence. I got home and did the runes and was told that to take the things around me as being what I thought they were. Plus also not to get dis-heartened about practicing alone and to keep going as its the right path for me. I am a British Heathen who follows the Pre-christian Saxon path.
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